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Timber Frame, SIPS, Structural Insulated Panels

We're changing the way America Builds...

The Next Generation of Building Technology


      FBA is changing the way America builds with a complete system of foam core, structural insulated panels. The panels consist of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core bonded under pressure between two outer layers of OSB.  Joined together with splines or a tongue and groove design, both the strength and energy efficiency of the panels are outstanding. With a U.S. Department of Energy "R" factor of 19 to 38 for walls, and 25 to 46 for roofs, they provide tremendous insulating values.

Timber Frame, SIPS, Structural Insulated Panels

 Because of its inherent characteristics the foam core also reduces outside noise penetration, giving the added advantage of a quieter interior environment.                      


Each individual panel is designed, engineered, and built to fit a specific location in each building plan. They are built to size, up to 4 feet width and 16 feet long. The beam-like construction makes the panels two or three times stronger than conventional wood-frame structures, providing for greater free-span roof and ceiling designs. The total result is fast and economical construction, with the shortest time from start-up to move-in.

Buildings Come Ready-To-Assemble or Ready-To-Occupy


       Future Building of America can provide you with as much or as little assistance as needed. The panel's ease of construction allows them to be assembled by any builder. Detailed drawings and a step-by-step manual are supplied with each design and local labor supervised by our construction managers can erect your entire shell in a matter of days!  


     We can also provide assistance in every aspect of your project from drafting and design through completion. There simply is no faster, easier, stronger, and more energy efficient building system available.


A new wing built with Structural

Insulated Panels was added to Tara, a 19th century country Inn.

The wing matches traditional architecture, but is vastly superior in energy efficiency. 

Timber Frame, SIPS, Structural Insulated Panels
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