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We Can Do It All.

A complete building - foundation, floors, exterior walls, interior walls, and roof - can be constructed using the FBA system. Yes, that's right - even the foundation! 

 The foundation system of the FBA home is compromised of 
pressure-treated lumber and pressure-treated plywood with the structural polystyrene insulation. Pressure treated wood used below grade has proven, even after 40 years underground to show no evidence of decay. Long-term durability has been projected to more than 100 years.

The all-weather wood foundation concept is already being used in about 50,000 homes, rental units, and offices in 40 states from Maine to Alaska - and Canada. It is accepted as a permanent foundation for homes financed by the Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration, and Faimers Home Administration.

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May take some time to load
Panel attachment to foundation or subfloor
Foundation Wall Construction

When the entire building is constructed 
with FBA Structural Insulated Panels, the completed structure has superior insulation and greater load-bearing capacities than conventional structures costing about the same.


Electrical wiring is easily installed into the chases precut into the EPS core. As framing proceeds, wiring is installed as needed or can be run after the walls have been erected. This allows flexibility of on-site modification.

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