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FBA Roof Systems

 Since most heat loss occurs through the roof, expanded polystyrene's superb insulating qualities make these panels ideally suited for roofing systems - even for custom cathedral ceilings..

The method of setting roof support members on a panel wall does not differ from that of conventional framing. The trusses and rafters should be tied directly to the top plate of the wall, and any beams should be set into the necessary beam pockets.

Roof panels are to be set on trusses. Rafters or beams need to be fastened directly to the framing member using an approved fastener long enough to pass through the entire panel thickness and penetrate the framing member at least 2"

When using a dropover roof panel, only one side of the panel has a skin. Strips of foam 1-1/2" wide are factory cut from the panel allowing them to drop down in between the rafters of trusses. The dropovers should then be nailed through the sheathing directly to the rafter or truss. It is important when using a dropover to seal any gaps that may occur inside between the foam and truss or rafter.

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