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About Future Building of America

Future Building of America Company is a leading manufacturer of "Stress Skin" or "Structural Insulated" panels used for both residential and light commercial construction. The company originated in 1982 as Panel Building Systems and in 1990 became Future Building of America Company. With the starts in new home construction up almost 40% in the last five years, FBA has enjoyed widening exposure to the stressed skin panel industry.

All FBA panels have been certified by "Product Fabrication Service" (PFS) Laboratories of Madison, WI. and have shown to be 2.35 times

stronger than conventional framing techniques used by most home builders today using ASTM standards. Future Building of America stands behind this technology with a lifetime guarantee against delamination or failure.

A typical panel usually consists of two "skins" of Oriented Strands Board (OSB) structurwood and a core of rigid expanded polystyrene laminated together to make the wall or roof panels. By using this process the FBA panel incorporates framing, sheathing and insulation all in one step, therefore allowing houses to be weather tight in considerably less time. In some cases as little as two days.

The panels take the place of standard "stick" wall and roof construction. They are able to span distances up to 16 feet without support, making them ideal for cathedral ceilings, churches, or virtually any situation where both strength and spanning distances are important. The insulating values of these panels are unmatched by using conventional methods of construction. The 4 inch wall system has an R-Value of 19, 6 inch wall an R-25 and an 8 inch roof panel an R-38. With less wood, fewer gaps and imperfections, and an insulation area of almost 95% the FBA panel cuts air infiltration over 30% and can possibly reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%.

With escalating lumber prices, higher insurance premiums and the rising costs of labor, more and more builders are turning to "stress skin" construction. It requires less on site work and speeds up the construction process tremendously which one again equates to total project cost savings.

With the use in churches, custom homes, townhomes, apartments buildings, hotels, light industrial buildings and many other projects throughout the country, Future Building of America's panels have been proven to enhance a wide range of projects. Now an expanding force in the residential and commercial markets, FBA's stress skin panel is bringing you the future of building today. FBA panel systems are available throughout the United States and also in several

overseas markets.

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